LaVar Arrington Is Convinced Tom Brady Was The Person Who Told Antonio Brown To Apologize To Robert Kraft

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Antonio Brown played a single game for the New England Patriots before the team decided to part ways with him after he was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women back in September.

Brown initially appeared to take his release in stride and thanked the organization for the opportunity before opting to dump a tanker’s worth of gasoline onto any bridges he may have built and lighting them aflame by firing a shot at Robert Kraft for allegedly doing things you’re not allowed to do in massage parlors in the state of Florida.

There’s no guarantee this was the reason Brown didn’t get the bonus check he was slated to receive from the Patriots but he certainly didn’t help his case, and while he may be able to recoup that money thanks to the multiple grievances he filed against the team, it was one of the dumbest in a long line of dumb decisions he’s made over the past few months.

It seems like Brown has at least partially seen the error of his ways, as he said he’d still be happy to play for the Patriots last month, and earlier this week, he did what he could to make up for his actions when he apologized to Kraft for being a distraction.

Observers were quick to note Tom Brady threw Brown’s post a like on Instagram, and now, we have a fun new conspiracy theory thanks to former NFL linebacker LaVar Arrington, who seems convinced the quarterback is the person who urged his former teammate to issue a mea culpa in an attempt to get back into Kraft’s good graces.

Here’s what Arrington had to say:

“It wasn’t genuine yet it was put out there and liked by multiple players, none bigger than the name of one Tom Brady.

Let’s add on to this: Baltimore thrashed [the Patriots], showed them that they did not have enough talent. There’s a possibility he could be able to play, there’s a possibility he could be ruled out, but yet we saw a dejected Tom Brady after a victory because he didn’t have what he wanted, right?

I’m sitting here conspiracy theory. Here’s the sizzle in your spirit type deal: Tom Brady told him to send that tweet out. Tom Brady is trying to direct getting AB back in the mitts of that New England Patriots organization.”

Based on the tweet Brown sent out when he asked someone to help him proofread a paper he wrote, I’d be shocked if he grasped the nuances of using a semicolon so it definitely seems like someone else had a hand in his apology.

With that said, I’d be shocked if Brady was the person responsible, but based on how unhappy he was with Brown’s release, something tells me he’d be more than happy to add the offensive weapon back to a roster that needs one if given the opportunity.

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