Patriots Fans Fear Rob Gronkowski Is Retiring After Ominous ‘Destiny’ Tweet

rob gronkowski

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New England Patriots fans are fearing the worst after Rob Gronkowski posted a very ominous tweet that didn’t sound very Gronk-like. After the Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52, Gronkowski has been very non-committal about his future with the Patriots and even playing in the NFL. Gronk’s latest tweet only caused more controversy and curiosity.

On Saturday, the Patriots tight end tweeted a very cryptic message: “Forseee your own future, control your own temptations, and your destiny will be not just be reached, it will just be starting.” Did Gronk’s Twitter get hacked?

Many speculate that Gronk may leave his football playing days behind him to join the WWE and become a wrestler. Others believe he could be a movie star. While others contend that he will go the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson route and do both. Based on his profound tweet, maybe Gronk goes a completely different direction and studies philosophy.