Paul Finebaum Explains Why LSU Is A Better Head Coaching Job Than USC

paul finebaum lsu better coaching job than usc

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  • LSU is a much better job than USC, according to Paul Finebaum.
  • Finebaum gave his reasoning behind his sentiment while speaking with USC alum Keyshawn Johnson.
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With Ed Orgeron officially out as the head coach of the LSU Tigers at the end of the year, two of the top jobs in college football are open, with USC being the other vacancy.

Whenever two major programs have job openings simultaneously, we tend to debate about which job is better, and this situation is no different.

For Paul Finebaum, the better job between the two schools is easy, it’s LSU for him.

Keyshawn Johnson, who went to USC, asked Finebaum during a segment on ESPN about which job was better and the longtime SEC analyst gave his reasoning.

“Keyshawn, I’m glad you asked me that question and it’s a legitimate question and my answer is very simply, LSU,” Finebaum said this week on ESPN. “Why? Because I think LSU is a standalone state. There is no competition. You can not live entirely off Louisiana products, but you can live well off of products just from that one state. Ed Orgeron has lost a lot of those players.”

“I know the greatness of USC and I think it can be great again, but the last three LSU Football coaches have won national championships. When you have a program, when Les Miles and Ed Orgeron can win national championships at your program, anybody can because I don’t think either one of them are great football coaches.”

Not only did Finebaum clearly state his case, he even got a couple digs in on both Les Miles and Ed Orgeron.

Fans will continue to debate about this topic, even after hires are made. At the end of the day, USC and LSU are both premier jobs in college football.