Paul Finebaum Goes Scorched Earth On Texas Football, Explains Why Program Isn’t Relevant Anymore

paul finebaum texas football

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  • Texas football is completely irrelevant according to Paul Finebaum.
  • The college football analyst unloaded on the Longhorns and their irrelevancy on ESPN.
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It’s been over a decade since Texas football has truly been in the national spotlight. You have to go back to the early 2000s when Mack Brown was still in charge to find a truly dominant program, but after the Longhorns showed him the door the program has undoubtedly suffered.

Texas welcomes Steve Sarkisian into the fold this year, the program’s third head coach since 2014 after Charlie Strong and Tom Herman did close to nothing during their stints running the show in Austin.

It goes without saying that expectations are extremely high at Texas. As long as water remains to be wet, expectations will be at an absurdly high level in Austin given their rabid fanbase, history, recruiting classes, and bag fulls of money, but Paul Finebaum doesn’t think that should actually be the case.

The ESPN analyst thinks the rest of the college football world has basically passed Texas by and that it’s only the Longhorn fans that are living in a dream world.

“Texas is no big deal other than to Texas fans. This is not a relevant program anymore,” Finebaum said on Wednesday’s Get Up on ESPN.

“Go back to 2013 when Texas fired Mack Brown. He didn’t resign, he was shown the door. The same Mack Brown who now has North Carolina in the Top 10. Texas can’t even win its own state anymore. Lost two of its best players to Alabama. It’s pathetically behind Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M and it’s way, way behind its biggest rival in Norman, Oklahoma. Texas is fighting for third at best in its own league.

Finebaum is not wrong. Oklahoma has made far greater strides on the gridiron over the last decade and Texas A&M is undoubtedly on the rise when it comes to recruiting in the Lonestar state and winning meaningful football games.