Paul Pierce Shades Ex-Employer ESPN After Re-Branding To A Crypto Guy

Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

Paul Pierce was reportedly hauling in $1.5 million annually for his on-air gig with ESPN, before that evaporated in a cloud of smoke and strippers back in April, leaving the Celtics legend blissfully unemployed.

Pierce, who made over $200 million in his career, evidently isn’t missing the ESPN paycheck because he’s re-branded to a Crypto Guy.

“@espn I don’t need you,” The Truth wrote. “I got @ethereum_max I made more money with this crypto in the past month then I did with y’all in a year. TRUTH shall set u Free.”

Pierce’s double birds must be higher than ever at the moment, as the NBA announced just two weeks ago that Pierce will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as part of the 2021 class.

Can someone teach me how to get into the crypto game? I have $42 and an Applebee’s gift card. Make me rich. DM me.

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