People Really Hate The New Los Angeles Clippers Logo


The Los Angeles Clippers are looking to take the next step and become a serious NBA title competitor. They have a stacked roster, a proven coach and an eccentric billionaire owner.

But none of those things matter if the team logo isn’t up to par. That’s why the team launched an aggressive rebranding effort yesterday.

Steve Ballmer unveiled the new look to Conan O’Brien and via a Funny Or Die video because a normal press release just wouldn’t do. And while the announcement may have been progressive, the actual artwork pays homage to hastily created video game graphics from days gone by.


I’ll tell you one thing about them, though. Clippy would absolutely approve.

Predictably, internet feedback has been overwhelmingly negative.

For once I’m going to go against the mob and admit I kind of dig the new uniforms. The standalone logo, though, could use some work.