6 Tips For Sculpting The Perfect Six-Pack

Even if you have huge guns, a massive chest and wide lats, you will always look like shit until you get a six-pack. And you can also look at it the other way around – a thin guy that has detailed abs looks as if he spends time in the gym and probably gets more ass than you.

Get what we’re sayin’?

To complete the package, you need to have abs. There’s no way around that so make it a priority right now. Sure, you to follow a healthy low fat diet, but these six tips for the gym will be vital in finally sporting chiseled abs.


This is only a guess but there’s a good chance that abdominals is your weakest body part. But you just throw in a few sets of crunches when you remember at the end of your workout when you’re already shot. And you even have to ask why they aren’t responding?

So when you arrive at the gym, stretch out a little and jump right into doing at least four sets of abs. And don’t rush through them, either. Treat these sets with the same – or more – intensity than any squat, bench press or bent over row.


If you keep the sets to a minimum (as described above), you can hit your abs every day you train. At the least, two or three times a week. But it is a good idea to work them frequently with four sets than once in a while with 10.


You use weight for resistance to work the muscles harder, right? So why should you always use only your body weight for abs? You shouldn’t and it is important to implement at least one or two weighted movements for your mid-section.

If you’re training abs four or five times a week, then using additional weight once or twice in that time frame will help their overall development. Rope crunches on a cable machine is a perfect example of a good weighted ab exercise and you don’t need to use a heavy amount, either. Moderate resistance will allow you to still perform a full set with good form.


The main exercise that needs to be done for your abs and more than once a week, as well. They will work those hard-to-reach lower abs, in addition to the entire abdominal wall. Don’t worry about using added weight with these, as the deliberate speed and strict form are more important.

Try to be cognizant to roll your pelvis slightly backward at the start of each rep.


These can be done with in two different ways: straight leg or bent knee.





The sides of your abs are called the oblique muscles and when you get them to appear, it is a testament to your hard work in the gym. It can even be as simple as adding a few extra reps after a set and changing the direction to either side.


Rope crunches are made for this. Do your 25-or-so reps the conventional way and then take it down to both sides for a few more, alternating left and right.



This is a great overall core exercise and can really harden the abs from a completely different angle. Start out by holding it for a full minute and work your way up once that becomes easy.