Here’s Phil Mickelson Busting Out Acrobatic Dance Moves In Dad Jeans, Stare Too Hard And You Might Go Blind

Phil Mickelson

Mizzen + Main

I didn’t realize it’s my birthday, but that’s the only explanation for this. Waking up to see Phil Mickelson dancing around to Synth-Pop in dad jeans, dodging balls on the range while rocking his world famous Mizzen + Main long-sleeve golf shirt. And all this on the morning of the Bridgestone? It has to be my birthday.

There’s so much to unpack here but I don’t want to give away the entire clip from Just be sure to zero in on Phil’s face while watching because it’s nothing short of spectacular:

So what’s this all about? Well, if you’ll remember back to the practice round before The Masters this year, Phil Mickelson wore a long sleeve Mizzen and Main shirt while playing. The golf world collectively lost their shit because they couldn’t fathom why he’d ever wear long sleeves but those same people had never worn Mizzen + Main because the stretchy-breathable-smart fabrics are actually perfect for golf in chilly weather. I own the exact shirt Phil was practicing in that day and it’d be perfect for golf in the early Spring. Flash forward to today, and Phil’s released a curated line of ‘Phil’s Favorites’ on Mizzen + Main.

And by the way, the beauty of Mizzen shirts are you can wear them for golf if you want but they’re really just high-performance dress shirts built for life. They’re the ideal Summer shirt if you wear button-downs to work because you won’t show sweat. If you travel regularly, they’re perfect because they’re wrinkle free and you don’t need to dry clean them, just toss them in the washing machine. I might sound like a walking-talking ad here but that’s not my intention, I’m just a big fan of the brand. I’ve worn a Mizzen shirt to every wedding I’ve been to this Summer, they’re that good.