Phil Mickelson Explains The Difference Between ‘Bombs’ And ‘Hellacious Seeds,’ Says Tiger Woods’ Stingers Are ‘Cute’

phil mickelson hitting bombs hellacious seed

Getty Image / Rich Graessle

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are the betting favorites to take down Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in Sunday’s The Match: Champions for Charity, but Mickelson isn’t worried about that because he has the ‘winning formula.’

After arriving at The Medalist on Sunday, Mickelson hopped on Twitter and shared his winning formula while also taking the time to hilariously explain the difference between hitting ‘bombs’ and ‘hellacious seeds’.

“We are going to be hitting some bombs today and some hellacious seeds,” Mickelson said. “What’s the difference between a bomb and a hellacious seed? Well, a bomb is high and nasty. A hellacious seed is a screaming, low, hot runner. Tiger likes to hit stings, and those are cute, but a hellacious seed is going by a stinger so fast, you can’t even wave.”

As for the actual winning formula, Mickelson offered up an actual mathematic equation that involves coffee and calves. The entire explanation is almost too on-brand for Mickelson.

“Today’s formula for victory is going to be C^2 = B+HS = IV. What does that mean? Well, C^2 is coffee, not just any coffee with sugar and crap, no, it’s coffee for wellness with good stuff in it that gets your body and brain to function right. You couple that with calves and you have exponential performance. That equals B+HS which equals bombs and hellacious seeds which equals I and V which is intimidation and victory.”

It was a little less than a year ago when Mickelson posted a video to Instagram about fasting for six days and consuming nothing but water and a special blend coffee. He explained that he lost 15 pounds during the fast and based on this video, the soon to be 50-year-old seems to be back on his coffee blend and more than ready to hit some bombs.

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