Phil Simms Says He Won’t Believe Tom Brady Will Call Games For Fox Until He Sees It

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Back in February, Tom Brady told Colin Cowherd about his plans to begin his new broadcasting career with Fox in the fall of 2024.

Brady, who signed a 10-year contract with Fox last year worth $375 million, will be replacing current analyst and former NFL tight end Greg Olsen when eventually reports for duty.

Not that Olsen is going to take his impending demotion (and huge pay cut) without a fight.

“Until they kick me out, I’m going to sit there and do it. Maybe he [Brady] does come and take my job one day; I can live with that; I get it,” Olsen said. “I understand the rules that we all sign up for.”

Numerous people have wondered if that day will actually ever come. After all, why would Tom Brady – the GOAT – want to be a broadcaster? And why would he want to give up the life he shared on social media on Wednesday?

One of those people who has his doubts about Tom Brady ever calling games for Fox is former CBS analyst and Hall of Fame former quarterback Phil Simms.

Simms launched a new podcast/YouTube show called Simms Complete with his son Matt this week. As part of the promotion for the new show, he spoke with Front Office Sports senior writer Michael McCarthy.

When asked if Tom Brady will call NFL games for Fox, Phil Simms replied, “I’ve got to see it – or hear it – to believe it. I don’t know. I just can’t picture Tom Brady up there announcing games. You know why? He’s Tom Brady. He’s just bigger than life…In this day and age, is it worth it for him?

“Hey, I think they’ll use him in different ways. I don’t care. I’m going to say he doesn’t do games. They’ll put him on a pregame show and let him talk a little. There’s lots of ways to use him. He’s Tom Brady…He looks good. And he knows a lot of football, that’s for sure. So yes, I think they’ll use him in a different way. I don’t have any insight – and I don’t even care. But I’ll be surprised if he does games. I will be.

“And you know, too, Greg Olsen did a good job this year. That has to make you sit back and wonder. So we’ll see.”

In other words, the odds of Tom Brady returning to play one more year in 2023 might actually be higher than him sitting in a booth calling NFL games for Fox.

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