Philadelphia 76ers Fans Are Melting Down Over Embarrassing Game 6 Loss To Boston Celtics

Philadelphia 76ers

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers have been waiting for an NBA Championship for a long time, since 1983 to be exact. And, they haven’t been to the NBA finals since 2001, when Allen Iverson led them to a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

But, when the Philadelphia 76ers embarked on “the process” ten years ago, a series of moves and intentional losing to help get the team star players needed to win a title, many thought they would have made the finals and even won a title by now.

But, they haven’t been able to get it done in the playoffs. They do have a bona fide franchise player in 2022-2023 NBA MVP Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons looked like he was going to be a star before turning into a pumpkin.

This year, they had a chance to get back to the Eastern Conference Finals, after losing in the second round four out of the past five years. All they had to do was beat the Boston Celtics in Philadelphia after the 76ers played a fantastic game in game 5 in Boston to put the team up 3-2.

In classic Philadelphia 76ers fashion, they played an abysmal fourth quarter, scoring only 13 points and blowing a fourth-quarter lead after fighting back from a big first-half deficit.

Now, they have to go back to Boston for a game 7 absolutely nobody thinks the Philadelphia 76ers will win, and their fans are very sad.

Even BroBible’s own, Clay Sauertieg, a diehard Philadelphia 76ers fan himself was none too happy with Thursday’s disappointment.

It’s setting up to be another disappointment in the City of Brotherly Love.