Photos Emerge Of Sean Payton Taunting Vikings Fans Just Prior To Stefon Diggs’ Game-Winning TD

Photos Sean Payton Taunting Vikings Fans

Getty Image

See that photo of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton there? According to Getty, that is Payton’s reaction “on the sidelines after the Minnesota Vikings scored a last second touchdown to win the NFC Divisional Playoff game on January 14, 2018.”

It’s a photo that should be framed in every Viking fan’s man cave because it is a picture that epitomizes the kind of karma that leads to epic events like Stefon Diggs’ miracle touchdown catch to defeat the Saints.

I say that, because according to the Star Tribune

Saints coach Sean Payton turned around and taunted Vikings fans with a Skol clap at U.S. Bank Stadium after New Orleans took a 24-23 lead with 25 seconds left. It was first pointed out by former Vikings linebacker Ben Leber, who now works as an analyst for KFAN and Fox Sports, and corroborated by photo evidence on Twitter.


Naturally, someone also turned it into a GIF, because, internet.

You would think Payton would have learned from the Saints’ December game against the Falcons not to taunt his opponents or their fans before the clock strikes triple zero, but nope…

No, need Tom. Karma has got a solid hold on Payton and she isn’t letting go.

As for why Payton did it? It was all just in good fun, people!!