The Pittsburgh Penguins Made A Hilarious Mistake On Sidney Crosby Bobblehead Night

Doesn’t it suck when you try to do a good thing and it goes horribly wrong? That was the case for the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight, who botched the game programs for their Sidney Crosby bobblehead giveaway when the Jets came to town. The night was meant to celebrate the Pens’ superstar, but instead he just had a bunch of extra jokes made his expense. You see, if you’re a hockey fan and you don’t live in Pittsburgh, you probably realize that Crosby is a punk — despite his amazing hockey abilities, he can’t grow a beard at all and is much more of a lover than a fighter.

In fact, his reputation for being soft has earned him tons of nicknames over the years, such as “Cindy Crosby” or “Cindy Crysby”, among others. Well, in a way, the Penguins really solidified those nicknames tonight:

Cindy or Sindey, it’s still an insult no matter how you spell it. At least the actual bobbleheads were fine — complete with a lack of facial hair, of course.