Pittsburgh TV Station Cans Employee Who Went Rogue To Rip Tom Brady During Broadcast

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kid creates science fair project to determine if tom brady's a cheater

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You have to royally fuck up to be fired from your job, generally speaking. Harassment, being late to a dog show with pooches that are covered in ketchup and mustard, and falling off the jetway trying to return a briefcase all come to mind.

But what an employee for Pittsburgh affiliate KDKA did goes beyond casual workplace harassment. It is disgusting. Indefensible. Revolting. *Looks up synonyms for gross* Nauseating. Stomach-churning. Ok, I’m becoming annoyed with myself.

During KDKA’s 4 o’clock news segment, a devious employee inserted added a description of Tom Brady that read “Known cheater.”


Welp, that employee is likely updating his resume as I type this because the CBS affiliate canned him/her.

KDKA shared its statement with SI.com:

While fans are entitled to have personal opinions, we have a journalistic responsibility to provide unbiased reporting. The graphic that appeared Monday violated our news standards. The individual who created the graphic no longer works for KDKA-TV.

I’m not clairvoyant, but I’d be willing to guess that this person won’t have trouble finding a new job in literally any other place in the country other than New England. Don’t cry for him.

[h/t Sports Illustrated]

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