PJ Washington Appears To React To Brittany Renner Saying She’s Not Ashamed Of Having Hooked Up With Several Athletes/ Celebrities

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It’s been over a month since he broke up with Brittany Renner but PJ Washington is still going through it.

Last month, Washington took to social media to imply that Renner faked their relationship after she left him following the birth of their child.

Amid all the controversy surrounding her breakup with Washington, Renner, who wrote a book about her previous relationships with high-profile athletes/celebrities, fired back at people trying to make her feel ashamed of all the athletes/celebrities she’s hooked up with.

“Allegedly” 😏😂 Is this the same past y’all want me to be ashamed of? Because I’m so not sorry.

Hours after Renner’s post went viral, Washington tweeted out lyrics to J.Cole’s song “No Role Models” which talks about not saving women who don’t want to be saved.

The Internet chimed in on Washington’s latest tweet.

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