Someone Pranked A High School Baseball Team By Planting A 25-Foot Tree On The Field, And It’s Glorious

Good pranks have a satisfying, immediate payoff. GREAT pranks forgo the cheap thrills for something more measured, requiring more patience, but promising the most fulfilling return on your investment. And that’s exactly the route the culprit of this ingenious prank on an Ohio high school baseball team took. The best part is, no one knows who did it. A silent assassin who refuses to take credit for this masterpiece is similar to the millionaire who funds the wing of a hospital and chooses to remain anonymous. I’d have my name tattooed all over the IV bags, but I’m a bag of shit.

According to,

The school’s athletic director, Brian Bales, learned of the situation Saturday morning.

“I got a call from our parks and recreation guy saying that we might have to cancel the doubleheader,” he said. “The weather was beautiful out, so I asked him what for. He told me there was a 25-foot tree planted between home plate and the pitcher’s mound.”



The tree has since been removed, and should be delivered straight to Cooperstown.

[H/T For The Win]

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