Pro Bowl Haters Are Out In Full Force After Myles Garrett Suffers Injury

Myles Garrett walks off the field.

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Pro Bowl haters are out in full force Sunday after seeing a star player go down with an injury. Myles Garrett reportedly dislocated a toe during the festivities and limped off the field.

NFL fans are now reacting to news as they post their growing dismay with the AFC-NFC contest.

Now, the 2023 Pro Bowl was already under fire after the NFL made sweeping changes to the game’s format. Rather than playing your typical football game, a trio of flag football matchups were installed to decide the All-Star champion.

In hopes of gaining viewership, the league also added skills competitions that include dodgeball, a water balloon catch, and a golf driving range contest.

The adjustment did little to enhance fans’ interest in the game, and now, the NFL’s worst-case scenario is playing out.

Myles Garrett was injured in the matchup and was forced to leave the game. Even the non-contact format couldn’t keep a star player from suffering a setback.

Tom Pelissero was the first to report the injury.

Browns star DE Myles Garrett is believed to have suffered a dislocated toe while competing in today’s Pro Bowl Games, per source. X-rays came back negative. Garrett limped off the field in Las Vegas.

The anti-Pro Bowl crowd is now out in full force as they post reactions to the injury online.

One fan wrote, “Banish the Pro Bowl”, while another said, “Let this be the last time.”

This follower asked, “How are they going to get safer than flag football?”

These fans aren’t the only ones against playing the game. Raiders running back Josh Jacobs was heard bashing the new Pro Bowl setup over the weekend, saying, “This s— is stupid.”

The All-Star attraction has clearly lost the support of both fans and players. It will be interesting to see where the NFL goes from here.

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