Pro Tip: If You Plan On Bat-Flipping Like A Total Boss, Make Sure It’s A Home Run First



There’s nothing like a decent, authoritative, “Who’s your daddy?” bat flip when you know you just launched a ball out of the park. It says to the pitcher, “Try me again, bruh!” and it’s become a dialed-in hitters’ hallmark in the game of baseball. All the kids are doing it!

But, if you’re going to bust out an audacious bat flip, number one rule is make sure it’s going over the fence first.

Unfortunately, for Kim Sa-yeon, who plays for the KT Wiz in the Korea Baseball Organization, he jumped the gun a little too early here thinking his eventual fly-out was a go-ahead run in extra innings on Friday night.

Just a little embarrassing, bro. The manager’s look of befuddlement just says it all, and if he’s anything like me, No. 25 is going to get a little talking to and it’ll be safe to say he probably won’t be making that mistake again.

[h/t Bleacher Report]