Former Duke Guard Quinn Cook Hit This Middle Schooler With A Disgusting Crossover That Will Haunt Him For Years

by 4 years ago

I haven’t seen a backpedal that fast since Lena Dunham called out Odell Beckham for not talking to her because she’s ugly. I guess that was just like 72 hours ago, so that doesn’t really do this crossover justice, but you get my message. We’ve all seen dudes get shook out of their Nike’s, but rarely do we see the effect of a crossover span over 10 seconds. Each step that poor kid took to try to regain his balance is equal to one year he’s going to be thinking about hitting the pavement in the shower. Hell, the kid and his family may have to pack their shit up and find somewhere new to live. Middle schoolers are the fucking meanest and there’s no way this kid is outrunning this.

As for Quinn Cook, he’s going to need to deliver a few of those ankle benders on some dudes his own age if he wants to climb his way out of the D-League.

[h/t Deadspin]

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