We Finally Know Why The Raiders Are Struggling To Find A Trade Partner For Derek Carr

Raiders QB Derek Carr

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The Las Vegas Raiders made it very clear that they are moving on from Derek Carr. However, as time passes, it sounds like they’re struggling to find a trade partner.

Now, we finally know why that is the reason.

Carr is currently attending the Pro Bowl where he looked phenomenal during one of the skills challenges. He even had a joke about his current situation in Las Vegas.

Even so, the Raiders have yet to find much trade interest in Derek Carr. According to The Athletic, it all has to do with his contract.

“A resolution is looming with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, as $40.4 million of his contract will become fully guaranteed Feb. 15.”

The Athletic goes on to explain that Las Vegas, “will almost certainly trade or release Carr by that deadline, and quarterback-needy teams believe a release is the more likely scenario.”

Releasing Derek Carr is probably not the most ideal option for the Raiders. However, it truly sounds like teams are willing to wait it out and sign him as a free agent.

Another option that not many are mentioning either is that teams are going to be more interested in trading for Aaron Rodgers if he truly is available.

With that said, Derek Carr holds all of the leverage in this situation. Especially considering he has a no-trade clause in his contract as well.

We’ll see how it plays out, but based on these reports, the Raiders might have to release Carr instead of trade him this offseason.