Rajon Rondo Tried To Trip Deron Williams From The Bench, Perhaps Because He Was Inactive And Bored?


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Last week we witnessed Rajon Rondo impersonating an uncooperative child as teammates attempted to pick him up from the floor, which served as perfect symbolism for the frequently cantankerous point guard. Earlier in the season, Rondo was suspended for one game after delivering an anti-gay slur towards a referee, who just days later announced he was gay. Needless to say, it’s already been a banner season for the Kings point guard.

In this week’s installment of Rondo-ness, he takes his enthralling theatrics to the bench in a subtle, but devilish manner. Here he is attempting to slyly trip Deron Williams as he pump fakes a 3-pointer.

Weird Rondo is actually Normal Rondo. And Remember, the guy played for the Mavs last season and Williams is essentially serving as his replacement, so maybe he’s still pissed off at how things went down and this was his attempt at revenge? If we can even classify this maneuver as revenge?

When it comes to Rondo, it’s honestly hard to tell. Because I can’t recall one moment where Rondo wasn’t clashing with a coach, a teammate, or his own racing thoughts.

But it doesn’t really matter in the end because Williams got the final laugh with this glorious game-winner.

On a closing note, it should come as no surprise that Rajon Rondo has something in common with the New York Jets.

Stay classy, bro.

[H/T Complex]

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