The Rams Tried Their Hardest To Block 49ers Fans From Buying Tickets To NFC Championship But Now It’s A Free For All

49ers Fans Are Working Around Rams Plan To Block Them From Game

Getty Image / Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

  • The Los Angeles Rams rolled out a scheme to block San Francisco 49ers fans from purchasing NFC Championship tickets in LA
  • Their plan worked for a few days but now the floodgates have opened and 49ers fans are free to fill the seats in Los Angeles
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The Los Angeles Rams will host the NFC Championship against their division rival San Francisco 49ers. There are a TON of 49ers fans in the greater Los Angeles area. Many would argue there are actually more San Francisco 49ers fans in LA than Rams fans because of how relatively new the franchise is to Los Angeles, and this can present major problems for preserving a home-field advantage.

What we saw during the NFL’s Divisional weekend was very unexpected. Home teams were 1-3 across the four games and there was no evidence of home-field advantage anywhere. Even the Chiefs who were the lone home team to win just BARELY beat the Bills after Buffalo never got the ball in overtime.

Rams Plan To Block 49ers Fans From Buying Tickets Worked, Temporarily

Once it became clear the Los Angeles Rams were going to host the NFC Championship Game they devised a plan to block 49ers fans from buying up all the tickets and taking over the stadium. In the pre-sale, anyone purchasing NFC Championship Game tickets had to have an address in the greater Los Angeles area or the sale/purchase was voided.

Their plan worked, temporarily, as season ticket holders purchased up all of the available seats and now it’s on to the secondary market. The tickets sold so quickly that TicketMaster removed their notice by 11am, according to ABC 7 News:

Fans who had previously been attempting to buy tickets received a notice that “Public sales to the game at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA will be restricted to residents of the Greater Los Angeles region,” and, “Residency will be based on credit card billing address at checkout.” A source from the Rams said the tickets are sold out, so that is why that policy is no longer in effect. Tickets that are available for purchase on Ticketmaster are all through verified re-sales.

“The game is sold out. Our Season Ticket members bought up all available tickets during a presale over the weekend, so there is no policy in place,” the Rams public relations team later said in a statement. Ticketmaster released the following statement: “Ticketmaster works on behalf of our clients, the event organizers. Ultimately these decisions lay with them and we act at their direction.”

Rams head coach Sean McVay is now begging LA fans to not sell their tickets.

Just because it temporarily worked it doesn’t mean that 49ers fans are giving up without a fight to get into the NFC Championship Game.

49ers Fans Planning To Flood So-Fi Stadium’s Seats For NFC Championship Game

The Rams and 49ers last met in Los Angeles in Week 18’s conclusion to the regular season. San Francisco just barely beat the Rams, 27-24, and clinched their spot in the playoffs and have now won three games on the road in a row.

There were so many 49ers fans in the stands for that game that LA’s head coach Sean McVay actually acknowledged how unexpected it was. He remarked “It did catch us off guard. There was a lot of red there. That was definitely a surprise.”

The Los Angeles Rams could go even further and ban fans wearing 49ers gear from specific seats or parts of the stadium, it’s happened in hockey many times before (not just in Tampa), but it appears as if it’s now in the hands of the market.

San Francisco 49ers fans can now choose to spend a fortune with ticket resellers for seats and flood the stadium. It’s not the ideal way to get into the game but it’s an option.