Rams’ And Cowboys’ Fans Kept Fighting Each Other On Saturday Instead Of Actually Just Watching The Game

I cannot imagine it’s very easy being a Cowboys’ or a Rams’ fan up in these mean NFL street in this day and age. The Rams are about as exciting as a plain bagel and the coolest thing the Cowboys have done in a while is aped Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz”. So I’m not too surprised that frustrations are already coming to a head amongst their respective fandom. Namely, beating the piss out of each other during the first preseason game.

Imagine being so fed up with your team that you’re taking it out on other people before the season even starts. “FUCK!! This season is over!! And I already bought my fucking season tickets!!” That’s when you know things aren’t going well. If you can’t even make it to game one before punching a stranger in the face as a way to vent some anger then you probably should question whether or not you want to renew your season tickets for the following season. Unless you like punching people in the face for something they can’t control. Then you should buy them again and also should probably stop taking so many steroids.