The Mic’d Up Footage Of The Epic Rams/Chiefs Game Will Make All Your Hairs Stand Up

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The rest of the world can no longer call soccer ‘football’ after the fascinating Rams vs. Chiefs MNF showdown on November 19. Call it footie or legball or what-have-you, but we have staked our flag in football, at least for the moment.

The Rams edged out the Chiefs, 54-51, who became the first NFL team to ever score 50 points and lose. Teams to score 50 points in NFL history were 216-0 entering tonight. Other fun facts from the game:

  1. There were more TD’s scored in that game (14) then the Buffalo Bills have scored all year (13).
  2. At halftime, the score was 23-23, the first time that halftime score was ever recorded in NFL history.
  3. The 63-point over was the highest over ever on an NFL game. It eclipsed that by the third quarter.

Metrics aside, take a dive into the sounds and energy of the game with this amazing clip posted by the Los Angeles Rams Twitter account. CHILLS CITY!

I watched this video while I was in the bathroom stall and nearly fist-bumped the dude pooping next to me. That would have been weird. Glad I didn’t.

UPDATE: Please disregard everything I just said. It was actually a shitty game, per Trent Dilfer. Carry on.

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