The Rams’ Strength Coach Spends Each Gameday Making Sure Sean McVay Doesn’t Get Run Over By Refs

rams' strength coach ted rath keeps sean mcvay safe on the sidelines

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There are a lot of unusual jobs in the world of sports. The kind of jobs that no one ever really sees. And sometimes these employees do things that you wouldn’t ever consider them doing when you think of their job titles.

For instance, Los Angeles Rams’ Director of Strength Training and Performance (a fancy way of saying Strength and Conditioning Coach) Ted Rath has a VERY unusual task he has to perform on gamedays.

He has to follow his very excitable head coach Sean McVay around on the sidelines and make sure McVay doesn’t wander into the path of any referees on the Rams’ sideline.

Sound like a funny job? Oh, it is.

“Coaches, whether it’s a position coach or even Sean McVay now, I literally have to spend most of my time when the offense is on the field standing right behind Sean and ripping him out of the way when the official’s about to run into him just so we don’t get a penalty,” Rath told NFL Films. “There is an art to it. It is king of like a dance. Maybe tango? Like a side step into the path of the official and then remove back.”

Rath isn’t kidding either. He’s even getting his own special on FS1 this coming Tuesday at 6pm ET called Get Back Coach.

Check him out on the sidelines pouncing on McVay when he starts to wander…

Of course, now people think Rath will be like every other Rams assistant and get head coaching offers from other NFL teams.

Don’t we all.

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