The Rangers Players Were Pissed About Jose Bautista’s Bat Flip And His Response Is Classic



The only people who didn’t think Jose Bautista’s bat flip after sending a three-run bomb into the stratosphere wasn’t the greatest thing to happen in baseball since the end of racial segregation was the team who it happened against. Naturally.

I have no dog in this years playoff baseball fight, but when I saw that flip, chills emerged on every square inch of my body. So don’t you dare come at me with the tired “respect the game” argument. That moment was provocative. It’s what the people wanted!

Unless you’re in the Rangers camp, then, well, you weren’t so pleased.

This series of tweets coming from Barry Svrluga, a Washington Post baseball writer, who caught up with Rangers pitcher Sam Dyson post-game. Dyson was the pitcher who gave up the moon shot.



Everyone’s a saint when void of an opportunity to celebrate.

Says Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels by way of MLB writer Jeff Wilson:




Bautista’s response to the criticism is plain, simple, and on point:

// sports writer Craig Calcaterra sums it up perfectly:

Lesson to kids out there: Baseball can be awesome.    P.S. The warranted vitriol should be directed at the neanderthal Blue Jays fan who were in attendance last night spraying beer at babies and hucking shit onto the field. Act like you’ve been there before. //

[h/t Uproxx]