‘USA Today’ Ranked The Top 50 Athletes Of The Decade, Naturally, People Had Problems With It

USA Today Ranked The Top 50 Athletes Of The Decade People Had Issues

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As I mentioned when covering the top 10 college football players of all time as picked by a panel of experts, picking a top ## anything and then publishing it for internet consumption is a fruitless endeavor at best, and the epitome of trolling at its worst. (Especially when picking the 50 best Christmas movies of all time.)

So when 35 members of the USA Today sports staff took it upon themselves to determine the top 50 athletes of the decade of the 2010s, you can bet they knew what they were getting into before they even cast their votes.

By my count, the list includes (adding in the “others receiving votes”)…

• 11 football players
• 10 basketball players
• 6 soccer players
• 5 baseball players
• 4 tennis players
• 4 skiiers and snowboarders
• 4 track and field competitor
• 3 hockey players
• 3 golfers
• 3 race car drivers
• 2 swimmers
• 2 boxers
• 2 horses
• 1 gymnast
• 1 mixed martial artist

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Here is the top athlete for each sport that received votes…

3. Tom Brady
1. LeBron James
8. Lionel Messi
6. Mike Trout
2. Serena Williams
5. Usain Bolt
17. Sidney Crosby
30. Tiger Woods
40. Lewis Hamilton
9. Michael Phelps
24. Lindsey Vonn
22. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
21. American Pharoah
4. Simone Biles
45. Jon Jones

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Others listed in the Top 20…

7. Steph Curry
10. Novak Djokovic
11. Katie Ledecky
12. Kevin Durant
13. Rafael Nadal
14. Cristiano Ronaldo
15. Aaron Rodgers
16. Roger Federer
18. Clayton Kershaw
19. Alex Ovechkin
20. Carli Lloyd

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As expected, because, internet, people had problems with USA Today’s rankings.

Oh, c’mon…

Check out the entire list here.