Ranking The Biggest NFL Draft Busts Of The Past 10 Years

We went ahead and ranked the top four NFL Draft bust from the past ten years and while it sucks to end up on this list, the fat contract these duds signed can still make ’em feel like studs. As long as you’re not allergic to gold diggers, bottle rats, and hangers-on.

The NFL Draft will drive most fans to drink. If that’s the case, we recommend our NFL Draft drinking game. You might be one of the fortunate few that actually enjoys the 7th round, plus the sauce will ease the pain of knowing you’ve selected a guaranteed bust. Hopefully, your squad chooses wisely and doesn’t have any players end up on the annual list of draft busts. If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, the internet already has you covered.

The analysis is nuts as well. “Experts” scrutinizing a prospect’s cooking habits or fashion sense like that will determine his talents on the field. How many of the players on the “Worst Dressed Draftees Of All-Time” ended up being busts? If anything, don’t focus on the threads, you should judge based on the school the prospect attended. THIS school produces more busts than any other program while these schools have the most players drafted.

On the surface, the NFL Draft appears to be a total crapshoot. Teams mortgaging their future for a one-year wonder. Other teams reaching for a nickel cornerback when they already have two really good corners under contract for years to come. Reaches and surprises that make you wonder what the HELL is going on in each franchise’s war room. A full year of work and study and prep out the window in a heartbeat because someone’s stepdad is a dick.

How maddening is the draft? You’ve got months of rampant speculation about which college prospects are the best, there’s a solid, no-doubter, no-brainer, future All-Pro projected to go first and then that stone cold lock of the century of the year tweets a video of himself smoking a bong through a gas mask minutes before the clock starts and gets MOCKED, not in the draft-sense of the word. I’m shocked on multiple counts. 1) Grow some balls, NFL execs. It’s weed, not meth. 2) No one’s seen this bong in a gas mask move? Has NO ONE seen the 2007 Seth Rogen vehicle Knocked Up?

Anyway, I’m calling it: Laremy Tunsil will NOT be a bust. See Warren Sapp, Randy Moss, Tyrann Mathieu, etc.