Ranking The Worst Moments In Sports From 2015

Like every year, 2015 has given us plenty of moments to remember from the world of sports, with big-time plays, incredible moments and huge upsets being at the top of that list.

It’s too bad none of these sports moments ended up that way, as they were epic failures from the year that can only be described as shitty.

While there were plenty of different things to choose from, here are the 10 biggest moments of shit from sports in 2015, ranked from shitty to the absolute shittiest of all.

10. The Time That MMA Fighter Shit Himself

This was literally the shittiest sports moment of the year—and a reminder that some dudes shouldn’t try becoming a pro fighter, as Travis Walford shat himself while getting knocked out in an amateur bout with Daniel Cooper. Gross.

9. The Knee Injury That Happened To Luis Garrido—Which Still Makes Me Barf

If you’ve recently eaten something, you may want to pass on watching this video of Honduras soccer player Luis Garrido going down in a heap of pain from a brutal injury.

Getting rolled up on by a Mexican player, Garrido’s pain can be felt through the Interwebs, so be ready to cringe—and then hate me for reminding you about how disgusting this shit was.

8. Stupid Deflategate

What a waste of damn time. Seriously, was there anything that TV/radio shows and the Internet talked about more in sports than Deflategate this year? Here’s the answer: no.

When the NFL and Roger Goodell tried punishing the New England Patriots for their involvement in deflating footballs against the Indianapolis Colts in last season’s AFC Championship Game, the finger was pointed at Tom Brady as the culprit.

It’s too bad Goodell is terrible at his job, because Brady’s initial four-game suspension was overturned, he has gone out and, possibly, earned himself another league MVP award and the Pats look like they’re playing with a massive chip on their shoulder and taking shit personally.

Way to wake a sleeping bear, Roger, along with wasting all of our fucking time with nonsense.

7. Everything The Philadelphia 76ers Have Done

The Philadelphia 76ers are the worst team in the history of my life, so why even try and sugarcoat this? When they marched six players out onto the court in a game earlier this season and got a technical foul, it was just about the most Sixers thing that could have happened to them.

When you add in the fact that their top pick from this year, Jahlil Okafor, has been busy getting in fights with people outside of bars and the entire franchise seems incoherent of doing their jobs, Philly’s pro hoops team is in about as much disarray as I’ve ever seen before.

And, sadly, the losses won’t stop piling up.

6. Dustin Johnson Blows The U.S. Open

Just when Dustin Johnson thought he would walk away with his first ever major title, the fucking yips bit him in the ass at the worst time.

Approaching the 18th green at the U.S. Open, D.J. had a few different scenarios and chances that would have left him as the champ, blowing them all in epic proportion, though.

Missing a putt that would have won the title, Johnson missed the second one from about a foot out which would have sent the tourney to a playoff, settling for a three-putt that was uncomfortable as shit to watch.

5. Michigan’s Brutal Loss To Michigan State

Of all the ways to lose a fucking football game, the Michigan Wolverines had to live through, arguably, the worst.

Even a Michigan hater like myself has nothing but sympathy for UMich’s loss to in-state rival Michigan State, when a perfectly snapped ball was bobbled by the punter and, in the wildest of bounces, ended up in the arms of a Spartans player for a touchdown return as time expired.

It was brutal, beautiful and lucky as fuck for Sparty—because, had this not happened, they wouldn’t be playing in the College Football Playoff.

4. Football Officials Everywhere

Has there ever been a more forgettable year than 2015 to be a football referee?

Each week, in big-time games, it seems like the dudes in zebra shirts are blowing calls and costing teams by forgetting the rules and messing shit up.

No joke, that’s happened, like, a million times this football season, with refs screwing things up, botching reviews or not even knowing the damn rules!

Players should be deciding the outcomes of games, not inadequate officials who suck at their jobs.

3. The Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Hoopla

So much for all that “Fight of the Century” talk, huh? For all of us suckers who actually dropped cash to see the long awaited Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, we all got duped—and then put to sleep—by the sheer lack of drama during the bout.

With both fighters dancing around and dodging one another, all the hype was worse than going on a date with a chick from Tinder and finding out that she looks nothing like her pics.

It’s obvious that both fighters just wanted the big payday after this bullshit we had to sit through.

2. The Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl Blunder

Here’s a little tip for current and future football coaches out there, when you’re on the opposition’s two-yard line with under 30 seconds to play in the biggest sporting event of the year, don’t try and get fancy as shit.

It’s too bad the Seattle Seahawks couldn’t hit the reset button after they tried just that against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49, with the decision to pass backfiring when Russell Wilson’s throw got picked-off by New England’s Malcolm Butler.

Hey, Seattle, you have a running back whose nickname is fucking “Beast Mode,” you might want to use his bulldozing running style next time to avoid the whole worst play in Super Bowl history thing… again.

1. That Fake Punt The Indianapolis Colts Actually Ran

There are ways to fake out opposing teams, and then there’s the shit that the Indianapolis Colts actually ran against the New England Patriots on a nationally televised Sunday Night game.

The latter isn’t one coaches should ever try again.

Standing on their own 39-yard line and trailing in third quarter by six, Indy’s funky punt formation didn’t fool the Pats—especially when the guy acting as center, wideout Griff Whalen, inexplicably snapped the ball to his teammate, Colt Anderson, who proceeded to get gang tackled.

This thing was ugly, so of course it’s mentioned as the worst play in NFL history.

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