Belgian Model Slams Ex-BF After He Used Racial Slur During MLS Match

Raphaella Deuringer and Dante Vanezir

Getty Image / Nico Vereecken / Photo News

New York Red Bulls forward Dante Vanzeir released a public apology on Tuesday after it was discovered he used a racial slur in his team’s game against the San Jose Earthquakes.

The apology from Dante Vanezir is hollow. Part of it read “I did not intend to cause any harm or offense with my language” which runs contrary to the very nature of racial slurs that exist only to cause harm and offense.

Dante said he will “agree to any suspension, fine and counseling” that Major League Soccer hits him with after their investigation into the incident is complete. The NY Red Bulls club also issued an apology on his behalf which he shared on Instagram:

While all of this has been unfolding, Dante Vanezir’s ex-girlfriend and former Love Island Belgium star, Raphaella Deuringer, absolutely bodied him on Instagram and TikTok. Posting from the beach, Raphaella Deuringer shared a photo of her in the sun with the caption “karma never loses an address.”

Her caption on Tiktok was considerably harsher, and her followers loved it and couldn’t get enough of the shade in the comments:

If you can’t read Dutch, you’re not alone. Her caption can be seen in this tweet:

Unable to see the tweet? The caption in Dutch reads “promise me you’ll never fall for a f****** again.” Quite the mic drop on her ex.

Raphaella Deuringer is a rising social media star and model with 100,000+ followers on Instagram. She recently celebrated her 24th birthday:

Dante is nowhere to be found on Raphaella Deuringer’s Instagram and she is nowhere to be found on his. The couple broke up in the Summer of 2022 but clearly, there are still some lingering emotions based on her latest post.