Toronto Raptors’ TV Analyst Leo Rautins Was Nearly Clobbered By A Falling Light In Game 3

Toronto Raptors TV Analyst Nearly Hit By A Falling Light In Game 3


The Golden State Warriors took another L in the NBA Finals, falling 123-109 to the Toronto Raptors Wednesday night, but were it not for a bit of random luck that could have been the least of their worries.

That’s because while Steph Curry was going off for a playoff career-high 47 points in a losing effort, longtime Raptors TV analyst Leo Rautins nearly had his dome caved in by a light the fell from the ceiling of Oracle Arena while calling the game for Sportsnet.

“Iā€™m trying to stay alive right here. I’m not kidding you folks. I’m sitting here at courtside, there’s this light from the ceiling that came down and landed right here,” Rautins told the TV audience. “If I leaned over this way, I’d be over. Done.”

Oracle Arena was opened in 1966 and is the oldest in the NBA, so we can just add this incident to the numerous reasons why the Warriors will be moving to the brand new Chase Center in San Francisco for the 2019-2020 season.

Meanwhile, in more basketball-related NBA Finals news, Warriors owner Joe Lacob claims he is as “serious as a heart attack” when he says Kevin Durant WILL return to play at some point.

Just keep your wife away from Beyonce, okay, Joe?