The Ravens Going For The Rushing Record Instead Of Taking A Knee Sparks Debate About The Merits Of Sportsmanship

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  • John Harbaugh and the Ravens decided to pursue their streak of consecutive 100-yard rushing games (43) on a last second rush rather than taking a knee.
  • Broncos coach Vic Fangio openly criticized the self-serving move, which has sparked a fervent debate online about the blurred lines of sportsmanship.
  • Vic Fangio was furious, but he looked like a huge loser and Harbaugh put him in his place.
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Terry Bradshaw may go full Mark Gastineau after the Baltimore Ravens tied his 1974-1977 Pittsburgh Steelers’ streak of consecutive 100-yard rushing games (43) on an unsavory last second rush.

During the final seconds of a 23-7 victory Sunday at Empower Field at Mile High with the record just 3 yards away, John Harbaugh called a designed QB run for Lamar Jackson, who picked up 5 yards rather than drop to a knee as would be typical with the game all but over.

Broncos head coach Vic Fangio was not happy about the choice, and Harbaugh shot back by acknowledging Fangio’s offense taking stabs at the end zone with 10 seconds left and the game out of reach: “I don’t know that there’s a 16-point touchdown.”

The Broncos must’ve been extra salty about the run seeing as the entire game, they were stacking the box to prevent becoming a statistic: “Obviously, that was a very important goal for those guys, to keep us under 100 yards apparently,” Harbaugh said after the game.

In the wake of the decision, there was a fervent debate online which coach is being more petty: Vic, who called the tactic “bullshit,” or John, who allegedly put erroneous records over sportsmanship and player safety.

The Case For John:

The Case For Vic:

Where do you stand? Yes, I def would’ve went for the record too.