Fans Appalled By Vicious Hit In Lacrosse National Championship Game

Lacrosse equipment lies on the field.


Duke and Notre Dame squared off in the college lacrosse national championship game on Monday as they looked to close the Memorial Day weekend with fireworks. Players on the field certainly got the action started with a bang.

Early in the contest, a Fighting Irish player was crushed by a Blue Devil defender while making his way to the net. Fans are now reacting to the vicious shot, which knocked the Notre Dame player’s helmet from his head.

On the football field, we most certainly would’ve seen a targeting flag thrown. They’ve penalized players for much less in the NFL.

A replay of the knockdown shows Duke’s Kenny Brower lowering his head as he prepares for some helmet-to-helmet contact to Notre Dame’s Chris Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh’s headgear went flying on impact as his body fell lifelessly to the ground.

You can actually see his arms tense up as he falls to the grass.

The hit landed Brower a two-minute penalty, though many watching believe it warranted a harsher punishment.

“In college football that Duke player is ejected for sure,” one tweet read.

“Horrible for commentators to completely brush over this and his reaction to the hit,” someone else said.

Many were concerned with Kavanaugh’s reaction to the tackle and the fact that he remained in the game after the fact. This person asked, “How isn’t there a concussion protocol in place?”

Another fan was surprised, too, writing, “They let him stay in the game…?”

Others thought the hit to be dirty, with this follower saying, “That’s as dirty a hit as you’ll ever see in lax. Lined him up and used his head as a weapon.”

This person agreed, commenting, “Cheap hit WITH intent to injure.”

Notre Dame would get the last laugh, though, as they took Duke down to win a lacrosse national championship. Hopefully, Kavanaugh can shake the hit and enjoy the moment with his teammates.