Bro’s Out Fishing And Thinks He’s Hooked Debris In Lake Michigan, Turns Out To Be MONSTER Record Lake Trout

Tyler Kreighbaum is a charter fishing captain from Indiana and he was fishing Lake Michigan when he thought that he’d snagged some debris in the water. That debris turned out to be the most important fish of his lifetime, a MASSIVE lake trout that completely destroyed the Indiana state fishing record for Lake Trout by over 8 pounds.

When it was all said and done Capt. Tyler Kreighbaum reeled in the gargantuan lake trout and got it to the scales. Once he measured his new record lake trout (not quite a fishing world record, just a state record) registered in at a whopping 37.5-pounds and 44-inches in length. If you bros have ever fished for lake trout and been fortunate enough to catch them you already know that this is basically the Loch Ness Monster of lake trout, but if you’re not familiar with this species all you really need to know is that Tyler’s catch is a complete whale of a fish…and here it is:

CBS Local Chicago reports:

Kreighbaum said he didn’t recognize its significance; he just thought it was a big fish.
State officials said the trout was 44 inches long and weighed 37 1/2 pounds, beating the previous record by 8 pounds.
The fish is also much older than the 25 year old who caught it. Biologists estimated the fish has been around since the late 1970s, because of a clipped fin. In the 1970s, four rounds of lake trout stockings took place in southern Lake Michigan, and all those fish had a fin clipped. The average Lake Trout caught in southern Lake Michigan is about to 8 to 10 years old, weighing around 7 and half to 8 pounds.
“I was really excited to see a fish that big,” said Ben Dickinson, assistant Lake Michigan fisheries biologist for the DNR. “It blew me away. I hope that this gets more people interested in Lake Michigan. People will see there is a potential to catch such large fish.”

Have you ever caught a fish that’s older than you are? I honestly cannot say for certain if I have. I’ve caught blue marlin before (three blues to be exact). This happened when I was 23 or 24 years old, I forget because it was around my birthday that year, and the average lifespan of a female blue marlin is 27 years, so it’s quite possible that all three of those fish were older than me. I’m sure I’ve caught others that were in that age range, some jewfish/goliath grouper and other grouper, I just can’t say for sure that I’ve ever caught a fish which I was certain was older than me, and that’s pretty cool that this bro knows.

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(h/t CBS Local Chicago)