Redskins Beer Vendors Tased, Robbed, Locked in Freezer at Monday Night’s Game

Today's latest comes from two jackasses at a football game (never heard of those, before). Their plan was to rob beer vendors at Monday night's Redskins-49ers game. They succeed. Via In The Capital:

Apparently the robbery occurred in a room that vendors use to restock beer and store cash.  A stun gun was used on two women working in the room, one of whom was also punched in the stomach before they were both then locked into a freezer. The two robbers stole an unknown amount of money before fleeing.

What shitty people. Maybe they fancy themselves as some sort of sports Robin Hoods? Beer prices at events are outrageous, and perhaps they felt it was within their right to reclaim their (and thousands of other people's) money? Don't tase people and lock them in freezers, though. Robin Hood would have simply disarmed the vendors with sauve charm. You two are not Robin Hood. Because he also would have returned the money to its rightful owners. It appears these two did not. 

[FedEx Field Image via Anders Brownworth /]