A Former Browns Wide Receiver Threatened To Shoot A Dude Over Golf Course Etiquette



68-year-old, former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Reggie Rucker is in trouble after a 28-year-old man by the name of Timothy Urbancic claims that Rucker grabbed him by the throat, pushed him and then threatened to shoot him at a golf course last weekend.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer gave details of the incident, and it sure does make Rucker seem crazy as hell, per Cleveland.com:

The confrontation between the two men happened while Rucker tried to take a shot on the eighth hole of the course, the report says. Rucker confronted Urbancic, a Cleveland resident, because he felt Urbancic and his group were playing their radio too loud.

Rucker then walked over to Urbancic and asked “if they had any golf etiquette,” the report says.

Urbancic told Rucker that he could have simply asked them to turn down the music. Rucker got aggressive and confronted Urbancic, according to the report. Urbancic told Rucker to get out of his face and Rucker asked “what he was going to do about it.”

Urbancic said in an interview Thursday evening that he was bleeding after the altercation. He later texted a photo of his injuries.

He said he would not have pressed charges had Rucker not threatened with him with a gun, because he did not want Rucker to know his personal information from arrest records.

“He approached me from 30 feet away,” Urbancic said. “I didn’t take one step towards him.”

As if that’s not enough bad news for the former Browns player, Rucker also pled guilty in an unrelated criminal act this past February, when he admitted to stealing money from nonprofits, likely leading to prison time already.

Reggie Rucker posted a $1,000 bond in court on Monday for the golf course incident, but, in the separate embezzling case, faces between 21 and 27 months in prison under the plea agreement he made.

[H/T Cleveland.com]