Rex Ryan Flirted With A Nashville Bachelorette Party By Complimenting A Girl’s Feet

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The Ryan brothers had an action packed weekend in Nashville, getting their first workout in in two decades by engaging in a brouhaha with a couple of young whipper snappers. The two 54-year-olds also found time to throw in a little charm with one of the two billion bachelorette parties that take place in Nashville every weekend.

Busted Coverage interviewed Jess, the woman pictured all the way to the left in the photo above (with Rob’s hand unnecessarily positioned on her side). Jess revealed that Rex told her that she had “nice feet” before winking and saying, “You know what I like.” Rex reportedly was the one who built up the courage to approach the ladies, who initially had no idea who they were. The brothers eventually joined in to take a picture with the ladies and Rex pulled a veteran move by asking the ladies to text him the pic.

Of course the Ryan brothers are both married so they likely just deposited this experience into their Spank Banks, but it makes for an entertaining story nonetheless.

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Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

[h/t Busted Coverage ]

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