Endurance Athlete Plans To Run Across The Ocean From Florida To Puerto Rico Using A ‘Hydro Pod’ Floating Bubble

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A Florida man will soon attempt a first-of-its-kind adventure and attempt to ‘run’ the entire Bermuda Triangle. Using a high-tech ‘Hydro Pod’, Reza Baluchi will go ‘running’ across the ocean from Pompano Beach, Florida to Bermuda.

After hitting Bermuda he will then travel to Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico, all while ‘running’ across the ocean on his totally WTF plastic bubble. That is if the seas are cooperative and he doesn’t get demolished inside of his tiny floating bubble. Or if he doesn’t get swept away by the fast moving Gulf Stream, a current of swift moving water that comes in close off the coast of Florida and can send him hundreds of miles off course in a hurry.

NBC Miami reports:

A man has spent three nights sleeping on the beach building an unusual vessel, and it’s all for a good cause. It looks like a Ferris wheel out in the ocean, and close up it’s still difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is.
The mastermind behind the man-propelled bubble, Reza Baluchi, calls it his Hydro Pod; he plans to travel inside it from Pompano Beach, Florida, to Bermuda, Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The first leg alone is about 1,033 miles.
“Mind is power. It’s 85 percent your mind. Anything you can do,” Baluchi said.
This type of adventure isn’t unusual for the endurance athlete, who said he has survived weeks in Death Valley, biked across six continents and run around the perimeter of the United States.

If his name, Reza Baluchi, sounds familiar it’s because I first covered this dude on BroBible back in 2014 after he made his first attempt at ‘running’ to Bermuda in his Hydro Pod. Back in 2014 when Reza Baluchi made that attempt he had to send out a distress signal to the Coast Guard and be rescued after only making it 185-miles from his starting point. The reason I mention this is because the U.S. Coast Guard has issued Reza Baluchi an ultimatum this time around, according to the Sun Sentinel:

Provide a self-rescue plan or else. “If Mr. Baluchi intends to attempt another hydro pod adventure on the high seas he will need to provide his plan for vessel escort and self rescue before departing,” Petty Officer Eric Woodall said in a statement, citing how costly the rescue mission was during Baluchi’s initial attempt to reach Bermuda in 2014.

Here’s footage of Reza Baluchi from the last time he attempted to ‘run’ his way to Bermuda:

On the one hand I do think it’s pretty inspiring that some dude’s trying to RUN from Florida to Bermuda and from Bermuda to Puerto Rico, because that’s one hell of an endurance challenge and something that nobody has ever done before. On the other hand I sort of think that this dude’s a complete quack, and he’s just trying to get out there far enough to send a distress signal and get the Coast Guard to pick him up again, getting free press for whatever it is he’s trying to get press for.

I could be totally off in the latter assessment but it does sort of feel like a cry for attention more than some dude who wants to push his body to the absolute limits of what human beings are capable of doing. What do you bros think? Is he legit in his quest to run from Florida to Puerto Rico or just another attention-starved endurance athlete? Answers down below in the comments.

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