You Can Own RG3’s Cast From His Ankle Injury, Which Surely Won’t Be A Collector’s Item Since He’ll Have 17 More By 2019



Washington Redskins quarterback of the past, present and oh god no he’s gonna be our quarterback of the future fuck shit 2016 is gonna suck, Robert Griffin III, is auctioning off the cast he wore after he dislocated his ankle in Week Two.

It would be sure to fetch a hefty price, except for the fact that Rob will undercut the market for memorabilia like this by getting hurt again and again and again.

Just think, in 2016 RGIII can auction of his knee brace from when he tears another ACL. 2017 will be the ACE bandage from an MCL sprain and the cast on his finger when he broke a bone in his throwing hand. 2018? Probably a walking boot. Then in 2019 he can sell the wheelchair he was taken to the operating room in when he got the spinal fusion surgery that ended his career.

At least he’ll be raising money for charity while he sinks season after Redskins season. The cast is autographed by Alfred Morris, DeAngelo Hall, Desean Jackson, Pierre Garcon among others and the money raised will go to Griffin’s Family of 3 Foundation.

Seems like a good cause.