RGIII And The Cleveland Browns Are Reportedly ‘Moving Forward’ And We Should All Be Rooting Hard For This Hilarious Dumpster Fire

According to a slew of reports circulating around the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, former Redskins legend Robert Griffin III and the Cleveland Browns are on the cusp of what will likely be a horrendous, hysterical marriage. And I, for one, cannot wait to witness it.

RGIII apparently sat down with Browns newly anointed scapegoat, Hue Jackson over the weekend.

“It was a great meeting. I think he’s obviously a tremendous talent and a great young man,” Jackson told NFL Media’s Steve Wyche. “He had a lot of success early in Washington and then things just didn’t work out. Those things happen in the National Football League.”

The official words being spat around are “moving forward” which I find somewhat amazing because the Browns and RGIII know almost nothing about moving forward. Having said that, by all means, please — for everyone’s sake — let’s root for this thing to keep moving forward because it will no doubt prove to be a delicious mess.

Out goes Johnny, in comes Robbie. This is all so perfectly Cleveland.