Oh Man, It Sounds Like RG3 Really Hurt Himself Good Yesterday (UPDATE: He’s Out EIGHT WEEKS!)

Maybe like nine hopelessly optimistic Cleveland Browns fans, buoyed and delusionally high from the Cavaliers’ NBA Finals comeback, really had talked themselves into Robert Griffin the Third being their long-term solution at quarterback.

The rest of us reasonable, rational folks believed it was only a matter of time before a man with discarded cardboard paper towel tubes for bones and dental floss for ligaments would get injured again.

Just not all of us expected it to come in Week Fucking One.

(I had a concussion in Week Two that he tried to play through in Week Three.)

Here’s the hit he took against the Eagles.


Griffin remained in the game, but now the reports coming out of Browns camp are telling a much different story.


That was unsurprising. Let’s look at some more photos from his Browns debut.

At least he’s still got love.


It gets worse.