RGIII Asked Tom Brady For QB Advice And Brady Said HELL NO (In The Politest Way Possible)

NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington went on the record this morning about a conversation he had with Washington Redskins maybe incumbent quarterback, Robert Griffin III. According to Darlington, RGIII recently solicited some advice from 4x Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady, presumably about how to improve upon the struggles he’s faced under center since returning from blowing his knee out.

Brady’s response? “Hell no!” (which he probably said in the nicest, most Tom Brady way possible.)

I’ve got to side 100% with Brady here. There’s no way I’m giving advice to any of my competitors, all the way down to the second and third string quarterbacks on my own team. Like, those guys want my job! There’s not an ice cube’s chance in hell I’m making them privy to anything I know that might help them improve their skill-set and try to take it.

Same thing goes with giving advice to guys on other teams in the NFL; I would NEVER tell them anything that would even begin to hint at the smallest competitive advantage when they line up across from me any given Sunday. Sure, we can be friends in the off-season, hang out, whatever. But that doesn’t mean I’m telling you shit about how to run your offense better! Keep dreaming RGIII!

You don’t think Tom Brady has better things to do in the off-season than tell you how to play quarterback better? Dude’s married to Giselle in case you forgot, bro.

Tom obviously has better things to do with his free time than run an NFL daycare for you, RGIII.

Here’s some free advice, though. Stop doing this.

And this.

And maybe hit the film room while you’re at it, too.

[h/t Sports Illustrated]