Ric Flair Reveals The Amount Of Money He Once Owed Vince McMahon And WOOOOO! That’s A Lot

Ric Flair was a guest on the Stone Cold podcast at an undisclosed date but it aired last night after Raw. The Nature Boy sat down with the Texas Rattlesnake to discuss wildlife preservation. No? Oh, I was just assuming based on nicknames.

Flair and Austin touched on a number of topics — which is how podcasts work — including the time he almost died in a plane crash, the WWE using his dead son in an angle on Raw, his daughter Charlotte being in the business and the absurd amount of money he dropped on those sequins robes.

The most revealing admission came when the discussion turned to his recent financial struggles after a few divorces and a couple run-ins with the law. Flair was candid about his debts to people, both figuratively and monetarily, and forked out a rough estimate of just how much money he owned WWE owner Vince McMahon.

“When I’ve had financial woes, through my divorces, he’s [Vince] lent me money. But I’ve paid him back… One time, I was into him for $800,000. Eight hundred grand. He said, ‘I wouldn’t lend my kid this kind of money.’”

Flair was into Vince for almost a million dollars. Thankfully for the former 16 time World Champion, he was able to settle his debt while still making Vince money.

“But I got my WrestleMania check from Shawn… I won’t tell you what it was, but it was a lot. Biggest paycheck I ever got in my life, right? ‘For Deposit Only.’ Handed it right back to [Vince].”

Here’s the match Ric’s referring to in the interview, his “farewell” match from WrestleMania XXIV.

Flair was wrestling in TNA like a year later because WOOOOOOOOOO alimony.

[via With Spandex]

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