Rick Carlisle Deserved An Award For How Well He Side-Stepped A Question About Dennis Smith Jr.

rick carlisle dennis smith

Dallas rookie star Dennis Smith Jr. was included in Yahoo Sports’ report about the massive corruption of college basketball. According to the report, Dennis Smith Jr. may have been loaned $73,500 from ASM Sports agency.

With the Mavs in LA for a game against the Lakers, reporter Bill Oram asked Rick Carlisle, Dallas’ head coach, if he was surprised by the report and inclusion of Dennis Smith Jr. Carlisle’s response is arguably the greatest non-answer I’ve ever seen.

Here is what Rick had to say:

Carlisle even doubled-down by acknowledging he refuses to answer questions about the NCAA basketball scandal and Dennis Smith Jr’s alleged involvement:

That’s the kind of side-stepping, random rambling, tomfoolery that deserves an award. That’s finesse at its finest.