Rickie Fowler Shotguns Two Beers Onstage At A Dierks Bentley Concert Because Life Is A Movie And He’s The Star

Do I want to be Rickie Fowler? That’s a pretty loaded question. I think the real question is: Do I want to be famous for playing a sport that is essentially other people’s hobby while making an unreasonable amount of money and banging every girl I lay my eyes on? Yes. Yes I would.

Rickie Fowler’s life is pretty much exactly what I wish for my future children. And by that, I mean he can just show up anywhere in the world and immediately make his own rules. Hence how he went to a Dierks Bentley show last night and ended up getting onstage and shotgunning beers with the country singer instead of just watching the show from the crowd like fame-less peasant.

Amazing. Goes from playing on one of the most prestigious courses in the world on Sunday to questionably blacking out and drinking like a college freshman in front of millions of screaming fans on Friday. Kid’s got it all.

via Busted Coverage