Rob Gronkowski’s Dad Once Detailed How Insane Raising Five, Massive Sons In One Household Really Was

Rob Gronkowski's dad details how wild it was raising five sons in one household

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Rob Gronkowski is one of five (very massive and former football-playing) sons of Gordy Gronkowski, who, along with his wife Diane, raised the boys in upstate New York. While Gronk’s dad was a former D-1 athlete himself, and the family had a long lineage of athletes — the boys’ great-grandpa participated in the 1924 Olympics, and set five world records in the sport — until Rob reached the NFL and had success, most people probably didn’t know much about the family.

That all changed with the whole Gronk attitude, which, essentially, is acting like the biggest meathead on the planet. That’s not a knock on the Buccaneers’ tight end, his brothers, or the way his parents raised their boys, but plainly a matter of fact, considering the entire Gronkowski clan pretty much embodied a WWE-style of living.

Now, I couldn’t imagine growing up with four brothers like Rob Gronkowski did. The absolute madness in that household had to be at a level that my little pea brain couldn’t possibly comprehend. Add in the fact that each was hoping to be the alpha male, were all jacked, and were all hoping for the attention of their parents, and, well, things had to have resembled a zoo. In fact, according to Gronk’s dad, Gordy, that’s exactly what it was like raising his five boys.

Journalist Chris Jones, who spoke with Gordy Gronkowski in 2014 for Esquire, took to Twitter during Super Bowl 55 to recall some of his conversation with the leader of the Gronk family. From Rob and his brothers downing 20 gallons of milk each week, to the family just throwing five king-sized beds into two massive rooms for the boys to pick to sleep in each night, this was far from your typical household. Just take a look below at the thread Jones shared on Super Sunday.

The fact that Jones described Rob Gronkowski’s dad as a man who “looked like a man who had survived war,” after telling stories about raising his five sons is enough to understand what it was like growing up in that household. Sure, Rob gets the most attention because he’s now a four-time Super Bowl champ and (presumptive) Hall of Famer when he hangs it up for good, but his four brothers have also accomplished a hell of a lot, too — like becoming entrepreneurs and being active in the community.

Having siblings is fun, but having four other brothers who all ate like they were participating in a weightlifting competition every single day had to be… a lot. As Gordy Gronkowski described it in 2014, it sure as hell was.