Professional Wrestler Challenges Gronk To A Match Because Publicity



Impact Wrestling is dying. It’s been a slow death. It started right around the time they opened up shop, handed over bloated contracts to bloated old WWE/WCW stars, let those geriatrics run amok, lost their TV deal and then signed a new TV deal on station that only about 1/3 of the world knows exists. So basically, since day one.

To get in the news again — that’s right, I just called this website the fucking “news” — Impact Wrestling star Robbie E is challenging New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to a match. Gronk has aspirations of wrestling professionally and what better place to start than the absolute bottom.

So what’s Robbie E’s beef with Gronk? It’s basically a fucking blood feud.

Impact Wrestling star Robbie E is upset at New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for calling himself “Robbie G,” and is challenging him to a match on Impact to settle it. This may seem extreme at first, but wrestling fans have seen wrestlers feud over spilled coffee, shampoo commercials, piss-filled teapots and the legal right to use the letter “T,” so it’s not so bad.

Here’s Robbie E’s challenge to Gronk, one which Robbie made sure to set with a preroll ad, because Impact guys have to get paid somehow.

[via With Spandex]