Robin Lopez Easily Had The Best Reaction To The Nets Trading Their Biggest Stars

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on the Brooklyn Nets

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It’s been close to a year since the Nets disbanded the “Big 3” comprised of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden when the last member of that trio was shipped off to the 76ers in a trade that sent Ben Simmons to Brooklyn.

It’s safe to say that things did not exactly pan out as the Nets had hoped. Simmons’ dramatic fall from grace has been a fairly morbid spectacle to behold, and Durant and Irving didn’t exactly go out of their way to boost morale in the locker room thanks to a series of rescinded trade requests and the latter’s off-the-court drama.

Things took yet another turn ahead of the trade deadline when Irving once again asked to be moved to another team last week, which led to the guard being shipped off to the Mavericks.

However, Brooklyn didn’t stop there, and we were treated to an all-time “THIS LEAGUE!” Moment in the early hours of Thursday morning after KD became the newest member of the Phoenix Suns.

That development garnered a flurry of reactions from fans and players alike. Plenty of people mocked the Nets for burning it all down after the franchise essentially imploded in less than a week, and Ja Morant caught a stray from CJ McCollum for a recent comment that did not age very well.

However, as far as I’m concerned, no one came close to topping what Robin Lopez had to say in the wake of the Durant trade, as he hopped on Twitter to share an observation that’s as hilariously absurd as it is accurate.

If you’re not intimately familiar with the plot of The Muppets Take Manhattan, the movie begins with the beloved group of puppets heading to New York City in the hopes of getting their big break on Broadway before disbanding after getting chewed up and spit out by The Big Apple.

Of course, the key difference here is that the Muppets ultimately reunite to perform their play, because it’s very hard to imagine we’ll see Irving and Durant playing alongside each other in the NBA again.