The Rock Unveils Brand New Logo For The XFL, Football Fans Mostly React With Apathy

The Rock Unveils Brand New Logo For The XFL Fans Mostly React With Apathy

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  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson unveiled the new XFL logo for their 2023 season.
  • football fans, for the most part, appeared pretty bored by it.
  • Read more news about the XFL here.

As he promised Tuesday night, Dwayne Johnson revealed something new about the XFL on Wednesday: a brand spanking new logo for the league.

“TOMORROW we reveal the beginning of our @XFL2023’s new vision, direction & CULTURE,” The Rock tweeted on Tuesday. “The new X intersection of dreams x opportunities. For players, fans – all of us. I’m ready. I know you are too. Let’s play some football.”

Accompanying his tweet was a visual of the old XFL logo getting the Thanos snap treatment.

On Wednesday, Johnson hit social media again, this time with the promised new XFL logo for the 2023 season.

In the video revealing the logo, the voices of The Rock and his partner Dany Garcia are heard saying, “Football is fueled by dreams. To go further, to get there faster. Those wins don’t just happen, they must be claimed. Work for today, achieved together.

“The XFL is where the full potential of football is realized, both on and off the field. Give cities new reasons to cheer, partners new platforms to build on, people a deeper sense of fandom. And athletes a new path to live their passion and play professional football. This is tomorrow’s league, driven by a new purpose and a shared commitment.

“Powered by new leadership, this is for all of us. And the only way to get there is together. To change how football is experienced. Where passion meets a field of possibility. Tomorrow’s league starts today. Welcome to the XFL.”

Technically, if we’re splitting hairs, “tomorrow’s league” is the USFL, which is scheduled to begin playing games on April 16th… assuming they don’t sued into oblivion. Who knows when the XFL will actually play a game… again.

The new XFL logo reveal didn’t seem to excite many football fans on social media

Football fans, for the most part, appeared to be rather bored by the big XFL reveal.

Then, of course, there were reactions like this…

Never change, internet. Never change.

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