Ron Jaworski Deleted His Odell Beckham Jr. Suspension Tweets Without Any Explanation

On Wednesday afternoon, Twitter was launched into a firestorm after ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski tweeted that Odell Bechkam Jr.’s one-game suspension this weekend against the Vikings would be overturned. The “NYC sources” that Jaws cited may very well have been a similar tweet from former Giants kicker, Lawrence Tynes. Top-notch journalism, I’ll tell ya!

As we all now know, Jaworski turned out to be the opposite of correct. Sometime in between his first – still yet to be sourced – tweet, and the time that Adam Schefter confirmed OBJ suspension would, in fact, be upheld, Jaws offered up a “Sorry” but still not a retraction on the original story.

Now, it seems, Ron Jaworski has deleted both misinforming tweets in question, yet to clarify who his “sources” actually were, and how the debacle got so out of hand. Ummm, don’t you think you owe us an explanation, dude? I know it’s a tough pill to swallow when there’s a fuck up of this scale, but seriously, where’s the accountability!?

Jaworski’s original tweet was RT’d more than 3,600 times and cited by multiple publications, leading to the internet to be its presumptuous self and actually believe that Odell Beckham Jr. was reinstated despite these dastardly cheap shot to the head of Josh Norman.

Even if OBJ would’ve told me himself that he got reinstated, I wouldn’t believe it! Not after that kind of tantrum. No way the NFL could get away with not condemning it and come out alive.

It’s probably best you stick to the X’s & O’s from now on, Jaws. And maybe work on your spelling and grammar, too.

Or you could just delete that Tweet as well and hope no one notices even though it’s inevitable.